How They Work

How They Work...


The Sweatz Quick Weight Loss Vest accelerates healthy natural weight loss whenever you are active or exercising. It enhances your bodies own natural way of burning calories, making it the best way to lose weight fast. The Vests work by being worn whenever you are active by accelerating 4 natural bodily functions to work together creating the Ultimate in Enhanced Fat Burning.

It all begins with what the vest is designed to do best, which is heat your core body temperature up. It does this by wrapping aroung the contours of your body to create a vacuum and because of its design and fabric which does not allow any air in or out the process starts...

1. Firstly it cause's your body to thermo-regulate, which means your body has to work hard at maintaining a healthy core temp. This process uses up lots of energy and stored fat to stay cool. But because the Vest artificially induces this to a far higher level it also accelerates calorie burn at a greater rate. Our scientific testing at one of the UK's leading Universities showed an increase in calorie burn over 4 times that of any other known weight loss substance.  

2. Secondly, hence the name it creates sweat. Sweat is what your body does naturally to cool itself down, but what you didn't know is that for your body to produce sweat it has to work really hard and it actually burns 0.7kcals every time 1 gram is produced. Again wearing the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest artifically induces your body to produce far more sweat that normal and clinical studies have shown that an extra 300-800kcals can be burnt off in one short average session. Many people will say "I sweat enough already" this is totally not true as without the use of the Vest you cannot possibly produce enough sweat to have an impact on your weight loss.

3. Thirdly, it gets you into the fat burning zone far quicker. After approx 20mins of your workout your body will reach a point called the fat burning zone where it can optimise calorie burning. This usually takes up to around 20mins of your session. The Sweatz Quick Weight Loss Vest gets you into that zone within minutes so your actually burning calories for longer when exercising. This makes being active far more fat burn effecient. 

4. Fourthly, We also know that the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest increases your your metabolic rate which can be by as much as 30%. This means that for the duration of you wearing it you'll also be increasing your fat burn by an extra 30%. 

Combined with a healthy lifestyle the Sweatz Quick Weight Loss Vest helps increase healthy natural weight loss to a tremendous level by enhancing calorie burn whenever your active or working out. How To Lose Belly Fat Fast has never been easier!

                                                      The Testing At A Glance...

Clinical testing was carried out at one of the UK's top Universities. The subjects wore VO2 masks and the results and data was taken from them whilst they jogged on a tread mill at 6mph for a duration of 30mins, with and without the vests. The calorie burning/weight loss was greater during exercise with the 'Sweatz Weight Loss Vest' compared to the control (without the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest). Results showed an increase in energy expenditure/calorie burn of more than 4 times than any known weight loss suppliment.

On average it takes the average calorie burn per workout from 500kcals up to and over 800kcals. All those extra calories whenever your active all mount up to help with your weight loss. To put it into perspective an extra 300kcals per workout if your exercising 4 times per week is 1200kcals extra, 4800kcals extra per month and 57,600 extra per year. That works out at an extra 16.4lbs for doing nothing just by wearing it. 


Accredited Weight Loss...
How To Lose Belly Fat Fast by using Science... 

In the 1980’s the world’s leading physiologist discovered that the body burns off 0.568 calories when producing 1 gram of sweat and in one profuse heavy sweating session the body can burn off an extra 300-800 calories. The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest works in exactly the same way. It is designed specifically to increase body temperature so that the body has to thermo regulate which means it has to work far harder, burning far more calories and fat to keep cool. 

Here are some other natural benefits to wearing a Sweatz Vest which show why its the best way to lose weight:- 

  1. Metabolic rates increase 100% for every 10°C rise in temperature,
    An increase in temperature from 98.6°F to 104°F while exercising should increase metabolism by about 30%.
  2. Detoxifying the body helps in weight loss,
    People who have unsuccessfully tried many diets often find success with Sweatz Weight Loss Vests because they are able to eliminate chemicals stored in the fat cells. This makes weight loss much easier.
  3. Sweatz Vests balances your body,
    Exercising when wearing a Sweatz Vest causes Profuse Sweating which effectively reduces heavy metals which have been directly related to metabolic imbalances in the body causing poor digestion and weight gain.
  4. Sweating decreases fat-stored toxins,
    Often weight loss cannot be accomplished unless lipophilic toxins are first removed. Exercising when wearing a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest can accomplish this.
  5. It’s got nothing to do with water loss, It’s the extra calories your body burns to create the sweat that makes you lose weight! “While the weight of the water lost can be regained by drinking water, the calories consumed will not be”.
  6. Sweating is a work out in itself for your body,
    In fact, exercising for 30 minutes in a Sweatz Vest creates roughly the same amount of perspiration as a 10 kilometre run. But your body doesn’t simply lose fluid whilst sweating; it rids itself of the toxins that actually prevent your body from losing stubborn fat.

Sweating isn’t dirty or unnatural, it’s actually widely recognised to be one of the healthiest things the body can do. After a prolonged deep sweat induced by a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest, you not only experience a greater sense of well-being, you are also rewarded with a surprising variety of health benefits.

Here are some of the many other health benefits of wearing a Sweatz Vest when training:

·           Improves blood circulation                      
·           Maintains immune system
·           Eliminates toxins and heavy metals
·           Gets Rid Of Cellulite, Cleanses and rejuvenates skin
·           Reduces allergies and rashes
·           Lowers stress
.           How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Improves blood circulation
Inspiration in perspiration

Sweatz Weight Loss Vests improve your blood circulation

The body’s natural reaction to heat is to cool itself – this is all part of a process called cardiovascular conditioning. This is achieved by diverting blood from internal organs to the extremities and skin. This increases heart rate, cardiac output and the metabolic rate.
Maintains immune system
Inspiration in perspiration
Sweatz Quick Weight Loss Vests help maintain your immune system
A typical Sweatz Vest session will increase your body temperature this creates a natural feverish state. Fever is the body’s natural defence against bacteria, microbes and consequent infection. This beneficial side effect triggers the production of white blood cells (leukocytes) by your bone marrow and killer T cells by your thymus. This result is a stronger, healthier immune system.

Eliminates toxins & heavy metals
Inspiration in perspiration
Sweatz Vests remove damaging toxins and heavy metals
Our bodies have only a few ways of eliminating toxins including via faeces, urine, respiration and perspiration. Sweatz Vests are a highly effective way of accelerating the removal of both chemical and heavy metal toxins from the body, while helping the body to lose weight.
Studies now confirm that diet and exposure to a plethora of environmental chemicals cause 95% of cancers. Stored ‘undetoxified’ chemicals can mimic any disease. “Incurable” chronic liver, lung and kidney diseases that were thought to have no known cause often disappear once toxic chemicals are gone. Sweatz Vests are a quick, convenient and highly effective way of ridding the body of these potentially dangerous stored toxins.

Sweatz Weight Loss Vests fight against the total toxic burden
Today more than 77,000 chemicals are in active production, 3,000 are added to our food supply and 10,000 are used in food processing and storage. When ingested, they can remain in the body for years, altering our metabolism, causing enzyme dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and lowering our resistance to chronic disease. Add to that poor air quality, chemically contaminated food and water, household cleaners, paint fumes, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, heavy metals (including mercury) and you can see why our bodies could benefit from Sweatz’ help.
Studies show that most of us have between 400 and 800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells of our bodies. These chemicals and heavy metals make up the “total toxic burden”. When our bodies exceed the limit that we can excrete, we begin to store these toxins. This bioaccumulation seriously compromises our physiological and psychological health and leads to chronic disease.


Toxicity symptoms
If you have three or more of the following toxicity related symptoms, you should strongly consider Sweatz Vest: allergies, acne, anxiety, burning skin, brain fog, chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities, depression, eczema, frequent colds or flu, feeling “sick all over”, insomnia, loss of dexterity, low body temperature, memory loss, mood swings, muscle and joint pains and poor concentration.
Gets Rid Of Cellulite, Cleanses and rejuvenates skin
Inspiration in perspiration
Sweatz Vests can restore youthfulness
The dreaded cellulite is a gel-like substance made up of fat, water and waste products trapped near the surface of the skin. Wearing and training in Sweatz Vests creates more sweat which increases blood circulation which dissolves fat, thus reducing cellulite. It is particularly effective in cellulite removal when used in conjunction with a program including diet and massage.
Sweatz Weight Loss Vests also removes toxins, such as heavy metals that accumulate due to sluggish elimination. Training in Sweatz Vests increases the eliminative, detoxifying, and cleansing capacity of the skin by stimulating the sweat glands.

Reduces Allergies and Rashes
Inspiration in perspiration
Sweatz Quick Weight Loss Vests can help reduce allergies and rashes
Sweatz Vests aren’t just designed to aid weight loss, their ability to open pores and flush out toxins and heavy metals has been known to also help relieve various allergies and skin conditions including rashes. Perspiration therapy’s deep cleansing effect can have a positive effect to your skin and body’s sensitivity.

Lowers Stress
Inspiration in perspiration
Sweatz Vests can lower stress levels and really are the best way to lose weight on the planet

Continuous strain on the autonomic nervous system often leads to a high level of stress, one of the elusive causes of many chronic diseases. By facilitating the expansion of capillary vessels by wearing Sweatz Vests thereby improving circulation, stress levels are reduced.

Always remember to fully hydrate when excersising using a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest

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