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Sweatz Vests are designed for people of all abilities from an occasional rambler to professional athletes. For all types of training activities from cardio workouts and boxing to walking and cycling. Here are some typical comments from Sweatz Vest users. If its quick weight loss, finding the best way to lose weight or wanting to know how to lose belly fat fast then these testimonials should help show you that the Sweatz Quick Weight Loss Vest can do it all and we've the testimonials to prove it... 


Sweatz Recommended Personal Trainers

Wearing the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest gets you into the fat burning zone straight away as it takes the first 30mins of a normal workout for your body to start burning fat. In a 1 hour workout your body takes 30 mins to start burning fat and your last 10mins of a workout is mostly a cool down so you are  only burning fat for 20mins of your workout. By Wearing a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest you start burning fat instantly and for the full duration of your cardio workout so you actually burn 6 times as much fat in a 1hour session.Mick Mathews, the UK's No1 Personal Trainer


The Sweatz vest is great for me because it fits right into my exercise routine and gives my workouts a real boost without having to put in any extra effort. I have been using them to assist me in achieving my goal of 8% body fat, losing on average 2lb a week eating a healthy balanced diet. And I am currently using them with my clients who lose 1-2lb a week, if you are looking for something that will help you reach your fitness goals faster, then for price and performance I couldn’t recommend the Sweatz Vest enough. "These vests will no doubt vastly enhance a person’s figure" Mauro Nappolini C.P.T – C.E.ST


My name is Tony; I am a Level 3 Advanced Instructor, currently employed by East Durham College based in North East England. I started using the sweatz vest 2 years ago, since then my body fat percentage has decreased immensely. This is mainly due to using a Sweatz vest during my cardio workout. My routine consists of a 60 minute Interval training programme, on a step machine with a vest; I burn a massive 650 calories. I strongly recommend these vests for anyone who wants to drop weight and body fat, both for elite athletes and for the average person who likes to exercise regularly. These vests will no doubt vastly enhance a person’s figure, especially in conjunction with a calorie controlled eating plan & regular exercise. Clientel whom I have recommended Sweatz Vest to, have all noticed a dramatic change in shape, as well as both weight & fat loss. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to achieve their ideal figure, I myself will continue to use this product as I see it as an essential piece of training kit. These vests are by far the best way to lose weightAnthony Park, Personal Trainer, Level 3 Advanced Instructor         


Hi, I have been running a successful personal training business for 6 years and all my clients are now using the Sweatz Vest, they are extremely happy there loosing that extra bit of weight in time for Christmas. I measure my clients inches on a regular basis and the results im receiving are tremendous. A great training tool for both me and my clients, which makes me one happy Personal Trainer. Hayley, Personal Trainer, Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.   


Customer Comments

Sweatz Vests are amazing! I have lost 11kg in one month using them. I changed nothing about the way I trained I just added the Sweatz Vest each time and the results are amazing! What a great product! Mr Hall  

I have lost altogether 13 lbs in one month using the Sweatz Vest. Peter Heart 

Hi, I’ve now used your vests for well over a year and they’ve helped me immensely in losing over 6 stone! So if you really want to know how to lose belly fat fast then take it from me they work!!!Xela

Hi, I'm really pleased with my weight loss over the last few months, I've lost over 2.5 stone. Wearing your vests is a contributing factor. Work colleagues have noticed I'm no longer the fatty at the office. I've lost four inches off my chest and two inches off my waist, now some of the fatty's at work are inspired and are taking up exercise with your Sweatz Vest. I believe your 'vests' have contributed to my weight loss, and as a result I promote your product. Paul

Hi, great product 3rd time ordering and over the last 2 1/2 months have helped me loose 2 stone I wear them when cycling. Amazed when one day tucked it in shorts when I came back from 2 hr ride and un tucked it their must of been at least a half pint of sweat in there. Leonard Coulam

I have tried the Sweatz vests and you are right I have lost 8ib in 2 weeks amazing! I just hope it stays off. Ceri Thomas

Increased fat loss. Maximised my workouts. Lost 10.5 lbs. Gary Watson, Portsmouth

Excellent! Made a real difference to my workout, plus the weight loss was amazing. I Lost 19 lbs in one month. Jon Calton

Tremendous, delighted. Lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks. Genuinely thought they were a gimmick but will tell everybody they work. Terry Marren

I was advised by Sweatz Sportz to record my results every week for one month. I didn’t know if they would work at first but I was completely shocked with how fast the weight dropped off. I have ended up losing 2 stone and 2 pounds and can’t wait for my next lot to come. Rosina Roberts

The Sweatz Vest has really improved my weight loss goals and I have been able to lose 10 lbs. highly recommended. Richard Shannon

I play squash twice a week and have been wearing Sweatz Vests now for 3 weeks. I tucked it into my shorts and didn’t realise how much I’d sweated until I ripped it off as they hold all the sweat. I’ve lost roughly 8lbs now and want to lose another stone. Vic Burton, Doncaster

Excellent, I’m losing weight and my skin feels fresh and clean. Overall I have lost 1 stone and 4lbs. Adam Leewarden

Very fast results. Lost 13 lbs. Chris Watson

I wasn’t convinced they’d work I mean come on it’s a plastic vest. But wow I’ve been wearing them three times a week in Body Kombat classes and in two weeks I’ve lost nearly half a stone. John Fisher, Colchester

Hi, I have been using your Sweatz vests and I am very pleased with my weight loss. I have lost 8lb in three weeks, just by playing squash twice a week. I have never sweated so mush. Great way of losing weight. Cheers. Tony Jones

Simple and easy to use. I have lost just over a stone in 4 weeks. Ben Maguire 

They have contributed to my recent weight loss. I have lost 7 lbs in 4 weeks. Mr S Sharma 

Very good product. I was sceptical initially but they actually worked excellently. I have lost 5 lb in one month. Stephen Lane

I have recently purchased some vests off you and used it for the first time this morning. They seem very good, and I was amazed to the extent of the sweat that I used. David, Birmingham 

Firstly thank you for such a great simple product, my wife is enjoying her workouts and losing more pounds than ever before wearing your vests. Marc 

I am very impressed with the product and will continue to use throughout my training programme whether it be gym work or outdoor football training. I lost 4lb in a week and they are certainly more comfortable and more hygienic than a bin liner - very impressed!!!!!!!!! Barrie 

I would like to congratulate you on a great product, the results are great. Thank you. Denise Herbert

I went for a 45 minute run and it was like I’d been in the shower but I wasn’t over heating either. I drank two litres of water afterwards and still lost 1lb in weight. Julie, Sheffield 

Very good product. Fantastic results. I lost 17 lbs in one month. Chris Sims

The Sweatz Vest works fantastic in a weight loss programme. I have lost over 2 stone in a 4 week period. Arif Ellam 

I recently bought a few packs of your vests and I am pleased to say I have achieved excellent results. Thank You and I will be making another purchase very soon also spreading the word. Mike 

I am really pleased with the result the 1st 2 times I wore them I lost 6lb each time while exercising for 30-40 mins on the cross trainer I was also drinking a bottle of water while training. So far I have managed to lose 1 stone in weight and keep it off which is great. I will be doing a repeat order at the end of the month. Paul, Gateshead 

Before Sweatz Vests came out I’d train in two jumpers to try and sweat more to lose weight. But the vests are so much easier and work far better. Robert, Rotherham 

I lost 4lbs in two sessions using Sweatz Vest. Simon Garner, Doncaster

Last night I went to a fund raising event and only fitted into my dinner suit because of your vests. I’ve lost a stone in 3 weeks. Many Thanks for a great product! Paul, Suffolk 

I’ve never sweated as much in my life and I’ve lost 3lbs wearing them twice on the exercise bikes. Craig, Thorne

Excellent product. Will be ordering more. I have lost 7 lbs. James Grey 

High just wanted to comment how great your vests are. Wore mine for the first time yesterday on a run and couldn’t believe how much I sweated, I was soaking – it was amazing. It didn’t restrict my run at all, just felt like a second skin. I’m running again on sat and can’t wait to wear another one!! Thanks again; Penny – South Wales 

These are great for losing weight. Edward Lindsey

Thanks! These vests are the business. I ordered for myself last time and thought they were brilliant! Now ordering for myself and a few friends to try. Excellent product!!! Robert Zande




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