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Sweatz Weight Loss Vests are such a Revolutionary new training product it’s easy to see why so many people are suspicious of reports of what they can achieve. Here are three key questions that we are always asked…

Is it just a bin liner – what's the difference?

There’s a big difference. Bin liners are made using waste products and contain toxins. So as your pores open, your skin soaks up these unwanted toxins like a sponge which actually prevent weight loss. Also because they are made from waste products bin liners can be extremely uncomfortable against your skin and can cause all kinds of unwanted skin reactions. They are also full of microscopic holes and therefore cannot create the correct environment to achieve any kind of weight loss. This ia slso because they cannot get your body temperature to the correct level and maintain it for any duration.

Sweatz Vests are made from safe, toxin-free, 100% bio-degradable enhanced made for purpose polythene. This gives them a silky smooth feel that is so comfortable you will not even know you’re wearing one.

Surely it’s just the water loss which makes you lose weight?

No. Sweatz Vests make you lose weight by burning calories. The more you sweat wearing a Sweatz Vest the more calories you burn off. This has nothing to do with water loss as we stress that you should drink plenty of water while training with a Sweatz Vest to replace all lost fluid. The water is replaced but the fat used to create the sweat stays off.

Is it the same as sitting in a Sauna?

It’s better. When exercising in the Sweatz Vest you will get the same benefits as sitting in a sauna such as sweating out toxins, help in weight loss and skin replenishment. Except in a sauna you’re not working out so you’re not burning as many calories. So by exercising in a Sweatz Vest you’re getting twice the benefit and much more impressive weight loss results. 


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