Michelle Heaton and other Brand Ambassadors

Michelle Heaton

"It works by making you sweat more – doesn’t sound too good, but it uses up more calories! The water lost is replaced by drinking, but the calories used to create the sweat stay off."

"Using the vest, coupled with a healthy diet, has helped me to lose two stone and keep it off– which make all the difference to the way I look and feel."

"I love the fact that even though it makes you think ‘urgh’ at first, it helps the body detoxify. The sweating removes chemicals stored in the fat cells which make my weight loss easier."

Michelle Heaton, former Liberty X singer and Celebrity Big Brother star

Professional Sports People and Teams 

I am very tall for a Bantam weight 5ft 10 so making Bantam weight 8st 6lb was always hard for me. The Sweatz Vest is now essential to my training. I use them 3-4 times a week. I now make the weight comfortably and always feel strong come fight night.
Jamie Mcdonnell, star in the making Professional Boxer – School Boy Champ, 2 Junior ABA’s, 2 Multi-Nation Golds, bronze medallist at the Junior Olympics. Current English Champ, British and Commonwealth Bantam weight Champion.

Due to no longer being able to make Light Weight 9st 9lb in 2006 I decided to move up a weight to Light Welterweight 10st. I felt out of my comfort zone not being big or strong enough at 10st and suffered defeats to World Champion Amir Khan and also in a British Masters title challenge.

In 2009 at the age of 32 I discovered the Sweatz Vest and feel like I have re-invented my career again. Thanks to the Sweatz Vest I am now making Light Weight 9st 9lb without a struggle and my walking round weight is a stone lighter than it used to be. I can also virtually eat what I want and still lose weight.

Due to the sweatz Vest I am looking to be fighting for major titles again in 2010.
Stefy Bull, 3 Weight Champion Professional Boxer – Central area Featherweight and Lightweight Champion. WBO Super-Featherweight Title Champion. WBF Light Weight Champion. International Masters Light Welterweight Champion.

"I wear the Sweatz Vests to help make my fighting weight for competitions and have found them extremely beneficial. They are very comfortable and discrete. I use them in the weeks prior to a competition to burn off extra calories fast. The Sweatz Vests are a fantastic weight loss product"
Sophie Johnstone, British No 1 Judo Champion

"Having used Sweatz over the last few months whilst exercising I have noticed the acceleration in weight loss."
Brian Laws, Manager, Sheffield Wednesday FC

"A great product for losing those unwanted pounds"
Billy Mercer, goal keeping coach, Sheffield Wednesday FC

The Sweatz Vests are an excellent way of losing weight fast!!! Pre-season. But they also really help in keeping the weight off throughout the season as well.
Kyle Nix, Mansfield Town FC
"I’m delighted to sign this big talent" says Manager David Holdsworth.

As a high performance karate expert, keeping to target weights is crucial. Sweatz Vests are a great way of healthily achieving extra weight loss be it an amateur or professional level. Sweatz Vests have helped me immensely and I would thoroughly recommend their use.
Amy Thomason, British Karate Champion

Sweatz Vests are a fantastic training aid to enable me to make my ideal fighting weight. I use Sweatz Vests in the gym three times a week prior to a fight to burn off extra calories quick and also rid my body of excess water. The vest is light weight and once training you don’t realise you have it on. I would recommend the vest to anyone serious about getting into shape.
Danny Toombs, Professional Light-Heavyweight Boxer

The Sweatz Vest provides those athletes who struggle keeping at their target weight for competitions with a successful way of losing unwanted weight.
Andrew Genery, Director of Coaching, English Karate Federation

Ideal body composition is a must for any professional rugby player. Using Sweatz Vests in conjunction with our training has helped us at London Irish to get our players into the best shape possible for our matches.
Allan Ryan, Head of Strength and Conditioning for London Irish

The Sweatz Vests are a truly genuine product. They helped me lose weight and get fitter quicker for the European Table Tennis Championships, Italy 2009. They have no restrictions with movement and as a wheelchair user this is crucial. As a paralympic athlete and ranked 8th in the world i only use Elite, World Class equipment like the Sweatz Vest.
Scott Robertson

Just a note to thank you for the Sweatz vests, used one yesterday, great stuff!
Stephen Thomas, Professional Rugby Player

The Sweatz Vest has become an integral part of my fitness regime helping me achieve weight loss especially for a forth-coming football tournament in Israel this year.
Warren Leader - professional footballer

When I first saw Sweatz Vests I was a bit un shore about them thinking they were just a disposable sauna top (Bin Bag) but with a fight coming up and needing to cut weight I gave them ago and I was surprised with the results I had made my weight 3 days early by simply wearing a Sweatz Vest under my Training top during my cardio sessions which meant no starving myself and last minute trips to the sauna the night before the weigh in. I will definitely be using Sweatz Vest before all my fights in the future.
Hayden "HADES" Critchfield - Pro MMA Fighter - www.HADESMMA.co.uk

The Cambridge team has been using the Sweatz Vest during training to help achieve their target weight.
Nick Swinn, Freelance Sports Scientist and Boxing Coach to the Cambridge 2008/09 Squad

I contacted Sweatz Sportz some time ago regarding the Sweatz Vest I had just refurbed and extended our gym and along with the new equipment I wanted to add something else new and interesting I had read about the Sweatz Vests and they sounded great. One phone call later and a super fast delivery and they arrived I couldn't wait to try one out. Friday night circuit class was my chosen time and boy did i sweat..... The Sweatz Vest not only makes you sweat loads but also leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth (at 44 I figured I could just use it for that!!) Word soon swept through the gym about these fantastic Vests and soon so many of our clients were using them both men and women, we even found that the guys who just came in to weight train were also using them they're great for taking away excess water retention. If you haven't tried one yet with Christmas just around the corner there's no time like the present. My sister also uses them but hates exercising - she does her housework with one on the ideas are endless!! Happy weight loss
Jo, Studio 20 Fitness Centre.

Also in use at Chelsea Football Club, Arsenal Football Club, Fulham Football Club, Swansea City Football Club, London Irish Rugby Club and Harlequins Rugby Club

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