About The Sweatz Quick Weight Loss Vest

The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest is the world’s best and only genuine weight loss product! Scientifically proven to burn off twice the amount of calories and fat when worn whilst doing any exercise or activity. There is no other product, tablet, or diet on earth that can match it for weight loss! Simply worn under your usual training gear, they accelerate fat burn to a tremendous level! It’s simple! It works and you won’t believe the weight loss you can achieve, with some people losing as much as 1 stone in one month...


Founded by father & son Keith and Chris Hamilton...

for the purpose firstly to enhance their own weight loss and fitness for the upcoming World Trials in which Chris was competing in the 100m (coached by his father Keith). Like most elite athletes they were aware of other top sportspeople using bin liners pre-season to cut weight or sweat out toxins like alcohol. So from a need for themselves they decided to try and find out if in fact this theory was correct and if it was, was the bin liner suitable, if not, then what fabric/product etc would maximise this theory.

Thus the quest began...

Over the next 2 years they researched and developed with the help of one of the UK's top Sports Science Universities to find out the answers to all their questions.

What they found out...

Firstly they found out, that indeed the theory was correct and that the idea of profuse sweating had been around for thousands of years, but no-one had bothered to understand why and if it worked. They found that by making the body create massive amounts of sweat that it actually did massively increase overall weight loss by burning calories/fat in a number of ways.

But was the bin liner etc the product to maximise this process to enhance weight loss?

Actually the answer is a big no, the bin liner and other likewise products although correct in theory made no difference in enhancing calorie burn. Firstly the bin liner and likewise products are made from chemical waste and actually put chemicals which can lead to cancer like lead, cadmium and mercury into your body as your pores open up while you sweat. For the purpose of weight loss the fabric wasn't right as they have microscopic holes in them making it so that these items couldn’t and can't get your body temp up enough and maintain it to create weight loss. They also couldn't create an environment for any calorie burn to take place.

So what did they do?

They fixed the problem and found the perfect product to maximise this amazing weight loss method.

Over a 2 year period of testing and research a unique fabric was created with all the correct properties carefully balanced to perform a wrap around, elastic compound to create the perfect air tight environment to create an advanced weight loss with no rival. 

Thus the original Revolutionary Sweatz Weight Loss Vest was born in 2006.

Since its original conception the Vest has improved and evolved and now our latest model the newly awaited 2016 Weight Loss Vest is set to be better than ever with even more Weight loss due to its new improved chemical compound (recipe so to speak!).

Our last 10 years have seen us grow from strength to strength to selling over 1 million packs World Wide and helping thousands of people lose weight, healthily and genuinely. Here are a few of the places we've appeared:-

As seen on Dragons Den, Soccer AM, Sky Sports, Men’s Health Magazine, Men's Fitness, the Guardian, the Independant On Sunday, Esquire, G.Q, Zest, Health and Fitness, Womens Fitness, Fitness First Health Clubs, Exercise 4 Less Health Clubs and Cosmopolitan Magazine to mention just a few. Worn by some of the Worlds top sporting professionals and celebrities with full endorsements. Tested and proved at one of the UK’s leading Universities. The very first of its type, everything else is just an inferior quality product.


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