Quickest Way to Lose Weight


Here you can read about how to achieve the quickest way to lose weight by using the revolutionary Sweatz Weight Loss Vest and learning how it manipulates your body’s only way of burning fat and speeds it up to a tremendous level.

Before we talk about the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest let’s first examine weight loss prior to the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest being invented.

This is extremely important because before the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest was invented there was only 1 way the human body could lose weight. There was unfortunately no quick ways to lose weight and without the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest and understanding how the human body can achieve weight loss there are no quick ways to lose weight.

So let’s get back to it, before the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest was invented the quickest way to lose weight was by solely dieting with some form of exercise. People have so many different (wrong) theories on what you should eat and how you should exercise that no wonder there is an obesity epidemic and no one has a clue what to do for the best.

The big weight loss companies need you not to lose weight so you keep paying their monthly subscriptions and are the worst for feeding you lies. While fake, gimmick products continue to hit the headlines, thrive and steal your money.

Dieting actually only makes up 50% of what you need to do to successfully to lose weight and keep it off. To crack your diet you really need to trick your body into losing weight. This is one of the two most important things you will ever need to learn and remember.

Your body is built to not want to lose weight and store as much as it can when it can in order to stay alive which is built into our DNA and has evolved from the Neanderthal era. You can only lose weight by tricking your body into losing it. Using 2 methods and only 2 methods which are the real genuine DNA proved quickest way to lose weight.


These 2 ways which have to work hand in hand to work and are:-


  1. Manipulate your body to burn fat by eating in such a way to crack 50% of your weight loss.
  2. Wear a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest to manipulate the other 50% which is fat burned by the natural bodily function of thermo regulation.


Every other method from weight loss pills, capsules, tea’s, patches, hot pants and silly fad diets etc sadly are just a con and are a waste of money, time and your patience.

Let’s look at area 2 first which is manipulating your body’s own thermo regulation to eat fat by using the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest.



Using the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest


Until the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest was invented we were missing out on 50% of the weight loss that couldn’t be achieved or got at. The Sweatz Weight Loss Vests is the only product known to man with the scientific proof that actually hits fat burning which was never ever thought possible by speeding up your body’s own natural function of thermo regulation.

It actually uses your own body’s way of burning calories and amplifies it to a tremendous rate. 

The Sweatz Weight Loss Vests really are a Weight Loss Revolution and it’s about time you really lost weight, saved money and your sanity

They work by increasing your body temperature so your body has to thermo regulate which means work harder to cool down. This process tricks the human body into burning off fat/ energy at an alarming rate in order to create the cooling down effect which you will know as sweating. Sweating is the only symptom of your body trying to thermo regulate (cool down). They have been proven to burn fat at least twice as fast and more in some individuals. In fact the more weight you have to lose the faster they work!

Your body is a natural fat eater but until now you’ve never been able to turn it on and use it. It’s been lying dormant until this revolutionary product was invented.

Here’s how to use them and see the quick and easy ways to lose weight

.Simply wear a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest underneath your usual training clothing against your skin.

.Women put it over you’re bra and underneath your clothing.

.When you’ve finished simply tear it off and throw it away. They are bio degradable.

.They come in pack sizes of 5, 10, 20, 40 and 60.

.They can be worn for any activity or exercise and will trick your body into burning far more fat no matter what you do.

.You can turn a gentle stroll into a massive fat burning session equivalent to doing an aerobics class just by wearing them.

.To enhance the weight loss and make your body eat fat at a rate never thought possible then try wearing one whilst doing moderate to intense workouts and you’ll put the weight loss into 5th gear and the weight will just drop off.


They create awesome discreet weight loss


Tip. Use them every day no matter what activity you’re doing from cleaning the house to walking the dog and turn even the slowest walk into a massive fat burning workout!

Tip. Use them every time you workout and super enhance the results!


They are used by some of the worlds top sports men and women, have become a weight loss secret of the celebs and are being used by you the general public. We have so many real testimonials of how people have lost weight from losing 6 stone to 1 and a ½ stone in 1 month which is about the average amount of weight people lose when using the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest.


Visit our website to find out more, and receive the full free diet plan inside every pack.


They have been scientifically tested at one of the UK’s top Universities and appeared in the UK Medical Journal and was also peer reviewed by the British Association of Sports and Sciences.

You can wear them doing any activity like walking the dog but you can see far quicker results if you can wear them when working out like jogging, working out to your Wii fit or going to a gym etc 

Quickest Ways To Lose Weight

Now let’s look at the other 50% which is manipulate/ trick your body through diet.

You can’t just eat less the human body has evolved over 100,000’s of years from when we were cave men and meals weren’t that regular and the human body would store fat to survive. Then when it had a meal would stock up on everything thinking it may be starved again.

The human body still hasn’t evolved from this and when you eat less and starve yourself it only takes the human body 3 hours before it starts to go into survive mode and store fat.

So we need to eat a meal every 3 hours - FACT

From waking in the morning to going to bed at night you can get in 5-6 meals and it doesn’t really matter when you start or finish as long as they are evenly spaced and you can fit them in.

We need to eat 5-6 meals per day - FACT

This is how you trick your body into not storing fat and burning fat in the quickest way.

Combining the diet manipulation and the use of the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest is by far the best quick ways to lose weight in a week.


So we need to give our bodies what it needs not to store fat, not become malnutrition and eat fat like it’s going out of fashion.


Every meal must consist of 30grams of protein, the three I’ve listed below are by far the best:-


1 chicken breast

1 turkey breast

6 egg whites from boiled eggs


 Boil the meat to make sure all the rubbish is boiled out of it, use no salt as it holds water and no flavourings or sauces what so ever.


Every meal must also consist of 30 grams of complex carbohydrates the three best again I’ve listed below.


1 ½ baked potato

1 cup of porridge oats made with water no sugar

1 cup of boiled rice, plain no flavourings what so ever


Add in 1 cup of vegetables every 2 meals

To make sure you don’t take away any goodness from your body start to take a good multi vitamin

When it comes to water drink small amounts throughout the day


The Diet all put together


Meal 1. 6 egg whites from boiled eggs

Meal 2. 1 chicken breast (always boiled), 1 ½ baked potato, 1 cup of veg  

Meal 3. 1 chicken breast, 1 cup of rice

Meal 4. same as meal 3

Meal 5. same as meal 2

Meal 6. same as meal 1


No fizzy pop or fruit juices, no fruit, no milk, only water, black tea or coffee.




If you can put these 2 things together you be so amazed with the weight loss results and you can become the person you want to be, the only thing that can stop you is you. That’s either by not following it or falling for the cons out there and then starting here again in a few months time kicking yourself. In two months time following this you will be a full1-2 stone lighter at least. Is it worth not doing?


Visit our website to find out more, and receive the full free diet plan inside every pack.



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