Does drinking water help weight loss?

Here you can read about the subject does drinking water help weight loss and find out if it does or not. With help from the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest.

And then there was WEIGHT LOSS!

How to answer this question does drinking water help weight loss well, that’s going to be hard as drinking water does not actually make you lose weight directly what so ever but is vital to you wanting to lose weight and indirectly makes for a key function in this process.


Without drinking water throughout the day your body would struggle to do anything never mind try and workout or diet to lose weight. It is vital that water is drunk all day so you can function properly, not store water bloat, keep you from getting bad skin, stops you from getting constipation and makes you age 100% better than without drinking enough of it.


Why it’s needed when dieting


When you are trying to diet and lose weight through a calorie controlled eating regime you need to cut out milk, fruit juices, cans of pop and anything with any sugar in it. So what possibly else can you drink but water so it is necessary to help lose weight as there is nothing what so ever in water which can put you weight on.


Why it’s needed when exercising


To get the best performance from your body especially if your aim is to lose weight then you need to be fully fuelled and that means that you can to be fully hydrated with water. You just cannot perform even close to your maximum output if you don’t drink enough water. You are more at risk from injury, overheating, cramps but more importantly your body will nowhere near be able to perform and burn the same amount of fat as it needs to lose weight.


Help me lose weight fast I can hear you saying!  


Well I think that we have established drinking water doesn’t directly make you lose weight but is key to achieving weight loss.


There is a product that has been invented which will answer your question help me lose weight fast.

Weight loss help is now needed more than ever with the ever growing obesity epidemic and there is only 1 product so ingenuous in its design that it’s a crime not to mention it.


The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest has tapped into the human body’s very own fat burner and then switched it on. 


The title for this section says it all. The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest indeed is a Revolutionary product, so simple in its design but attacks weight loss where it was never thought possible. It actually uses your body’s own fat burning capability which lies dormant until triggered and then speeds it up to and amazing level so your body just eats fat burning.


The Sweatz Weight Los Vest manipulates and tricks your body to use its self to burn extra fat. Water again plays a vital role.


How do the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests work?


They really are a Weight Loss Revolution and are the only product known to man to manipulate your body’s energy expenditure and create tons more weight loss which until its invention was never thought possible.


They are simply worn against your skin under your usual training clothing and work by increasing your body temperature so your body has to thermo regulate which means work harder to cool down. This process tricks the human body into burning off fat/ energy at an alarming rate in order to create the cooling down effect which you will know is working as you’ll be sweating profusely. Sweating is the only symptom of your body trying to thermo regulate (cool down) it’s easy to see how amazing they are at burning fat by how they create massive thermo regulation in your body.


You can wear them when doing any activity or exercise from cleaning the house to walking the dog. But you get the best results by wearing them if you can do cv exercises for durations of 30mins + like jogging, cycling, weight training or aerobics classes etc 


Why is water key?


Water is key as you need to constantly drink it whilst wearing a Sweatz Weight Loss Vests so you don’t dehydrate and put back in the water loss from wearing them, without water you would not be able to use the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests properly.

They have been scientifically tested at one of the UK’s top Universities and appeared in the UK Medical Journal and was also peer reviewed by the British Association of Sports and Sciences.

You can wear them doing any activity like walking the dog but you can see far quicker results if you can wear them when working out like jogging, working out to your Wii fit or going to a gym etc 

The Human body is amazing but it’s only been given 2 ways in which to lose weight.1 is through a controlled weight loss diet and the other is to trick your body into burning alarming amounts of fat by wearing the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests. Everything else in this world is just a waste of time and an absolute con. 



The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest is weight loss help at its best but you need water to keep yourself healthy and hydrated when using them.


We can see that water does not directly make you lose weight but is vital and key to helping you lose weight through exercise, a controlled weight loss diet and use of the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest when exercising.

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