Exercise to Lose Weight


Here you can read about how to exercise to lose weight with a new revolutionary difference, help from the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest.

And then there was WEIGHT LOSS!


For those of you who already exercise to lose weight then you haven’t got much to alter to see a massive difference in your weight loss.


Lets break it down shall we; exercise alone will not make you lose weight. Get healthier yes and burn off some calories, sure. But exercise alone only makes up 50% of what you need to do to master weight loss.

The other 50% can only be activated by wearing the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests during exercise. Not only do they amplify your weight loss but they also get at the fat that your body alone cannot burn off.

It is so important that you listen to what I say otherwise you will be flogging yourself to death and achieving no weight loss. I can bet that this has been happening already hasn’t it?


Let’s take a look at exercise and what you need to do if you want to exercise to lose weight.

Your body is so clever and can adapt very quickly and also stop responding in the way when you’re doing something too often. The exercises to lose weight have to change and be a mix of cv, circuit, and weight training etc otherwise your body will just get used to doing the same thing, stop responding and then you’re doing it for nothing.

I’ve had this discussion many times over the years and tried to make road runners etc or anyone doing miles and miles on the cross trainer to see what they’re doing is wrong and are completely the wrong exercises to lose weight. They never listen and then look the same, year on year, never lose weight and don’t properly exercise for weight loss.

When running for 1 hour you can burn off just as many calories when weight training for 1 hour, but the difference is that when you weight train you rip your muscles and burn calories for a further 5 days as your body is trying its best to repair them. But this does not occur with cv or running etc But you do need the cv workouts as well so your body doesn’t get used to one type of exercise.


The best way to exercise to lose weight fast is to mix it up like this:-


Monday – go for an hour’s jog

Tuesday – weight lifting session with high reps

Wednesday – do a spin class

Thursday – weight lifting circuit, star jumps, sit ups, press ups, squats etc

Friday – go for a jog and add some hills in their


These are just some of the best exercises to lose weight you can change them to suit yourself and add things like badminton, swimming you name it adjust it to suit you.


Every 4 weeks completely change it around so your body cannot adjust to it and stop responding.


But like I said at the beginning this only makes up 50% of the weight loss you can achieve.

The other 50% can only be activated when a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest is worn during exercise to not only amplify your workout weight loss but also gat at the fat your body without the vest can’t get at.

The Sweatz Weight Los Vest really is a revolutionary invention as it is the only product in the World that can attack your fat by manipulating/ tricking your body to use its own way it burns fat and then takes it to a tremendous level never ever thought possible.

This is why you’ve got it easy and you’re one step away from the most amazing weight loss you’ve ever seen. But on the other hand it’s also why not everyone in the world uses it and is already slim.

That’s because you have to exercise in them to generate what your body has already been given to burn fat but which lies dormant until the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest turns it on and brings it to life. Unfortunately most people don’t want to exercise and will opt for the quick fix cons and have their money stolen from them by companies preying on their desperation.


Way 1. 50% weight loss achieved by wearing the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests each time you exercise


The Sweatz Weight Loss Vests Explained.

They really are a Weight Loss Revolution and are the only product known to man to manipulate your body’s energy expenditure through thermo regulation and create tons more weight loss which until its invention was never thought possible.

They work by increasing your body temperature so your body has to thermo regulate which means work harder to cool down. This process tricks the human body into burning off fat/ energy at an alarming rate in order to create the cooling down effect which you will know is working as you’ll be sweating profusely. Sweating is the only symptom of your body trying to thermo regulate (cool down).

They have been scientifically tested at one of the UK’s top Universities and appeared in the UK Medical Journal and was also peer reviewed by the British Association of Sports and Sciences.

You can wear them doing any activity like walking the dog but you can see far quicker results if you can wear them when working out like jogging, working out to your Wii fit or going to a gym etc 


How to use the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest


. Simply worn underneath your usual training clothing

. For women, wear it over your bra but underneath your clothing

.Go ahead and workout

. They will burn extra fat no matter what activity or exercise your doing, but if you want to maximise the fat loss and put it into full force then doing moderate to intense workouts like jogging, aerobics classes, football, racket sports, spinning classes or workouts of this nature etc

. The harder the workout, the more the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests kick in and turn up the fat burning.

. After your workout simply tear if off and throw it away.


The most important thing to remember is that we are humans and therefore our bodies only react properly with something are bodies are already doing naturally inside us. Putting things into our bodies like these herbs etc are totally alien to our bodies and cannot speed up your bodies only way of losing weight all they do is just sit there and harm your body.

It’s like putting milk into your car engine instead of oil and expecting it to run and be a healthier car. You need to understand the engine (the human body) and give it what it really needs.

The Human body is amazing but it’s only been given 2 ways in which to lose weight and what we’ll do is show you how to manipulate those 2 ways and speed up weight loss. Everything else in this world is just a waste of time and an absolute con. 

One way (Way 1) which attacks 50% of your overall weight loss is to use the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest when exercising to manipulate your body’s own natural fat burner inside you which lies dormant until the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest activates it.


The other way (Way 2) to trick the human body into losing weight is through diet manipulation which takes care of the other 50%.


Another reason you struggle to lose weight is because your body is designed to hold onto it evolved from 100,000’s of years when we were cave men and might not eat for weeks on end its your body’s natural survival instinct to hold on to fat. But we can show you how to trick it!!!


The only 2 ways your body can lose weight: fact


Your body can only lose weight in 2 ways and it all comes down to the same one principal energy expenditure. Simply a calorie is a measure of energy. If you use more energy than your body puts into itself then weight loss occurs. This is FACT, the only thing which makes you lose weight.

Until the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest was invented the only way to lose weight was to eat less (put less calories/ energy into your body than your body uses in a day and weight loss will occur. So people would start to diet and starve themselves, but this is where your survival instincts kick in. If you starve your body it will hold onto fat thinking it’s being starved and make weight loss almost impossible. Also because it doesn’t want it to happen again when you start to eat normal your body will go into automatic survival mode and hold onto and store as much fat as possible so within days you’ll bang all the weight back on.


So were as before exercise could help a little but really just made you a healthier person you can now really make exercise the fat burner it was designed for by wearing the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests and turning a average workout were you would burn 500kcals to making your body through the thermo regulation which the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests pushes to the max into a 1000kcals+ burner.



Way 1. 50% weight loss achieved from wearing a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest each time you exercise

Way 2. 50% weight loss achieved by manipulating your diet


Way 2. 50% weight loss achieved by manipulating your diet

This is again the only other way in which you can trick your body into losing weight. After only 3 hours without food your body goes into survival mode and starts to store fat. So the way to trick and manipulate your body into losing weight is to stay in a constant state of never storing fat. You’ll hear some people say being doing their method you turn your body into a fat burning machine, this is a load of rubbish! This is only part of the diet manipulation you need to eat every 3 hours and eat 5-6 meals a day to maximise this. Then there is the trick of not eating to little so your body stores fat and not too much to make it all a waste of time.


Here’s how it’s done:-


.5-6 meals per day every 3 hours

.300kcals per meal

.Cut out simple carbs like chocolate, fruit, milk, bread, sugar

.Only drink water (sipped throughout the day)


Good things to eat and choose from:-


Brown Pasta

Wholemeal Brown Bread (no Butter)





No Red Meats


This is a rough guideline the diet comes inside every pack of Sweatz Weight Loss Vests also with cooking instructions.


Summary – The Sweatz 2 Step Weight Loss Method


We call this the Sweatz 2 Step Weight Loss Method


Step 1.  Eat less energy than your body uses up in 1 day and follow the food manipulation section


Step 2. Where a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest no matter what activity your doing from walking the dag to cleaning the house


Step 2+. Make this method go into over drive and lose more weight than you ever thought was possible. By stepping up your exercise and wearing a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest. Exercises like jogging, cycling, racket sports, 5 a side football, gym classes or even at home to your Wii Fit.


If your already doing these kind of exercises then you don’t need to change what you are doing just add the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest each time you exercise which will change the dynamics to create weight loss you never thought was possible.


Follow this and you’ll never be overweight ever again.

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