Fast Weight Loss Tips

Here you can read about real genuine fast weight loss tips the pro’s use and big companies don’t want you knowing. Also learn about the do’s and don’ts for weight loss and the serious mistakes that hinder weight loss. Things that you’re probably doing and have been incorrectly informed of and totally work the other way.

Weight loss is not a black art it’s absolutely the simplest thing in the world to achieve when you know how to do it correctly.


Firstly let’s start and list some of the things that actually hinder weight loss so you know never to try these things and erase the thought of them completely from your mind before we carry on.

Don’t ever use these kinds of products as they are a CON! Most of these are always aimed and labelled as fast weight loss tips for women.

Powerful fat burning supplements boost your metabolism and energy levels.

Rapid Fat Burners

Appetite suppressants

Best high strength capsules

Powerful natural ingredients or formula.


All are caffeine based products and can’t possibly work!

Acai Berry, Hoodia, African Mango

Thermabol, Thermatrim, Slim Bomb, Zotrim, Alli, and things like weight loss tea.

There is a reason that all these products look very impressive. That reason is purely because they are a CON. The reason con artists exist is because they sell to your greed or desperation and in this case its desperation to lose weight. That’s why you fall for it time and time again get all these quick fix weight loss solutions out of your head because you tried them and you know they DO NOT WORK and what I’m saying is the TRUTH!

There is no herb, pill, patch, tablet or ridiculous syrup only diet etc that can possibly ever make you lose weight quickly but they do one thing alright and that’s steal your money big time and are again sold as fast weight loss tips for women.

When you understand weight loss within the human body you’ll see why these things cannot work but we’ll come to that shortly.


Good I’m glad you’re still hear and for those that have switched off then it’s their loss and they will not lose weight.




So let’s just get straight on with it and explain how weight loss happens and the only way it can be achieved.

The most important thing to remember is that we are humans and therefore our bodies only react properly with something are bodies are already doing naturally inside us. Putting things into our bodies like these herbs etc are totally alien to our bodies and cannot speed up your bodies only way of losing weight all they do is just sit there and harm your body.

It’s like putting milk into your car engine instead of oil and expecting it to run and be a healthier car. You need to understand the engine (the human body) and give it what it really needs.

The Human body is amazing but it’s only been given 2 ways in which to lose weight and what we’ll do is show you how to manipulate those 2 ways and speed up weight loss. Everything else in this world is just a waste of time and an absolute con. 

The Human body is amazing but it’s only been given 2 ways in which to lose weight. What we do is show you how to manipulate those 2 ways. Using the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest for one of them to trick the human body into losing weight. Because another reason you struggle to lose weight is because your body is designed to hold onto it evolved from 100,000’s of years when we were cave men and might not eat for weeks on end its your body’s natural survival instinct to hold on to fat. But we can show you how to trick it!!!



The top tip for losing weight

Your body can only lose weight in 2 ways and it all comes down to the same one principal energy expenditure. Simply a calorie is a measure of energy. If you use more energy than your body puts into itself then weight loss occurs. This is FACT the only thing which makes you lose weight.


Until the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest was invented the only way to lose weight was to eat less (put less calories/ energy into your body than your body uses in a day and weight loss will occur. So people would start to diet and starve themselves, but this is where your survival instincts kick in. If you starve your body it will hold onto fat thinking it’s being starved and make weight loss almost impossible. Also because it doesn’t want it to happen again when you start to eat normal your body will go into automatic survival mode and hold onto and store as much fat as possible so within days you’ll bang all the weight back on.

Way 1. Wear the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests is the best fast weight loss tips as they really are a Weight Loss Revolution and get brushed to the side as people always choose the gimmicks and cons because they make the quick fix solution look so attractive.

But in actual fact the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest is the only product known to man to manipulate and trick your body’s very own method to burn fat and turn it on full blast and create weight loss which would not be possible without them.

Without using the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests your body struggles to lose weight and you can read all the fast weight loss tips out there, try them and still not lose weight. They are the key to weight loss.  


How It Works

The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest brings your body’s own fat burner to life!

They simply work by increasing your body temperature so your body has to thermo regulate at a tremendous rate which means work harder to cool down. This process tricks the human body into burning off fat/ energy at a super rate in order to cools itself down and maintain a healthy body temperature.

This is called thermo regulation. Normally you’re body will only burn off fat from exercise when this occurs but by wearing the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests this function gets put into over drive and your body works so hard to keep cool and produce sweat that it burns off fat like it’s just tearing it off and throwing it away.

Quick Weight Loss Diets

How to Use Them

Simply put on a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest against your skin underneath our training clothing, go ahead and exercise. Then tear it off when you’ve finished. It’s that simple!!!

They can be worn for any activity or exercise and burn far more fat, from walking the dog to spinning classes, road running, 5 a side football or aerobics classes etc.

They have been scientifically tested at one of the UK’s top Universities and appeared in the UK Medical Journal and was also peer reviewed by the British Association of Sports and Sciences.

You can wear them doing any activity like walking the dog but you can see far quicker results if you can wear them when working out like jogging, working out to your Wii fit or going to a gym etc 


Way 2. Manipulating your diet and fast weight loss tips

This is again the only other way in which you can trick your body into losing weight. After only 3 hours without food your body goes into survival mode and starts to store fat. So the way to trick and manipulate your body into losing weight is to stay in a constant state of never storing fat. You’ll hear some people say being doing their method you turn your body into a fat burning machine, this is a load of rubbish! This is only part of the diet manipulation you need to eat every 3 hours and eat 5-6 meals a day to maximise this. Then there is the trick of not eating to little so your body stores fat and not too much to make it all a waste of time.


Here’s how it’s done:-

.5-6 meals per day every 3 hours

.300kcals per meal

.Cut out simple carbs like chocolate, fruit, milk, bread, sugar

.Only drink water (sipped throughout the day)


Good things to eat and choose from:-

Brown Pasta

Wholemeal Brown Bread (no Butter)





No Red Meats


This is a rough guideline the diet comes inside every pack of Sweatz Weight Loss Vests also with cooking instructions.


We call this the Sweatz 2 Step Weight Loss Method

Step 1.  Eat less energy than your body uses up in 1 day and follow the food manipulation section

Step 2. Where a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest no matter what activity or exercise your doing from walking the dog to cleaning the house etc

Step 2+. To make this method go into over drive and lose more weight than you ever thought was possible.   Wear a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest and do exercises like jogging, cycling, racket sports, 5 a side football, gym classes or even at home to your Wii Fit.

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