Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Here you can read about the best tips to lose weight fast and how you can achieve the quickest way to lose weight by using the revolutionary Sweatz Weight Loss Vest and learning how it manipulates your body’s only way of burning fat and speeds it up to a tremendous level.


Before we talk about the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest let’s first examine weight loss tips which are a load of rubbish.

(Nonsense Tip) Only eat carbs prior to a certain time during the day:-

You need complex carbs to lose weight in the first place and they can be eaten up to going to bed, this tip is one of the worst things your body can do as it will start to store fat and make it impossible to lose weight.


(Nonsense Tip) Take weight loss pills, appetite suppressants, fat burners, Zotrim, Alli, Slim Bomb, Ephedrine etc:-

Again this is one of the biggest wastes of money and weight loss times were you could have been shedding fat. These products will never work as they are made up by con artists posing to be reputable companies with their only purpose to steal your money. Weight Loss pills that are full of caffeine (which is one of the worst health threatening products on the planet, ephedrine which can make your organs grow and appetite suppressants which can lead to thyroid problems and if which after you start eating normally you’ll pile all the weight back on and more. These types of product all harm your health and interfere with your body’s natural balance which can sometimes never go back to normal with life long side effects.


(Nonsense Tip) Weight loss pills containing any herbs like Acai Berry, Hoodia, African Mango I could go on:-

When people have used the herbs realised they have not worked the weight loss vulture companies out there then start thinking of the next herb they can promote and use to steal your money with. Each year you’ll hear how this so called new Herb has been used by some civilisation for 1000’s of years and its ability to lose weight and burn fat is like nothing else. You’ll hear this every year with sales lines like, “Doctors have done research and found etc” which doctors? Where’s it documented? At what testing lab? Absolute rubbish again!!! There would not be an obesity epidemic if these quick fix gimmicks actually worked would there!


(Nonsense Tip) Silly Diets, like the soup only diet, or the cabbage only, or the syrup only:-

The reason none of these weight loss diets could ever possibly work is the fact that your body will store whatever it isn’t get enough of i.e water, fat, carbs you name it. So if you starve your body of these things your body will viciously react and store fat you are trying to get rid of. Then when you do finally eat normal it’ll sore even more fat than it had to start with and you’ll pile all the weight back on. Sound like anyone you know!


Using the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest is by far the best of all fast weight loss tips


To break the mould and deliver natural weight loss faster than you ever thought possible...


But there is one product which tricks your body into losing weight without storing any fat, only shedding it at an alarming rate.

It’s the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest. At the time the 2 owners of the Sweatz Weight Los Vest invented it they really had no idea until years later after more testing that they had actually revolutionised weight loss.

They had created a weight loss product which actually used your own body’s ability to burn fat which usually lies dormant and tricked it into burning fat and most of all not storing any survival fat.

It turns out that all the testing came to one conclusion, Weight Loss through Thermo-Regulation.

In simple terms Thermo-Regulation is what our bodies do when we are getting to hot, it’s like our own cooling down system.

In even more simplistic terms our body’s sweat to cool down. But to start the chain of events in our bodies to sweat takes a lot of hard work and more importantly tons of calories and fat is used up to create the slightest amount.

The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest has been engineered to create massive Thermo Regulation and your body viciously reacts by sweating and working harder than ever to cool down. It takes the fat burning level to the max and burns off the equivalent of a 4hour workout within 30minutes.

It’s unbelievable and until this product was created this kind of weight loss would never have been ever thought possible.


How to use them;

Simply wear a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest each time you do any activity or exercise against your skin underneath your usual training clothing.

Go and do anything from walking the dog, cleaning the house to putting fat burning into overdrive by working out in one.

Wear them at least 4 times per week and see the fat just fall off you, it’s that simple!!!


Here are some other great Quick Weight Loss Tips


Sip water throughout the day so that your body doesn’t get water retention and this will help take some of the bloat off you.

Completely cut out white bread and replace it with brown or wholemeal bread without butter.

Change full fat milk to skimmed without sugar in your tea and coffee.

Cut down on fruit.

Eat no chocolate or sweets.


(Top Tip) When you do fancy a treat then drink pepsi max as it contains no sugar or calories what so ever.


Here are some Easy Weight Loss Tips

(Exercise tip) Wear a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest and run up and down your stairs 10 times then do some press ups, squats and tricep dips on the bottom step and then repeat this for 30-45 mins.

Eat 5-6 meals per day 3 hours between every meal. Split your plate into 3 and have 3 different portions per plate. Protein | Carbs | Vegetables

Which can look like this Chicken | Potato | Carrots and Broccoli

Substitute lager for wine

No takeaways or any fast food etc



Try a few of the tips and wear a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest and you’ll see massive results quick.


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