Abdominal Exercises


Learn how to get an 8 pack fast the correct way.

Here we can learn the best abdominal exercises around and how to do them properly to get a blistering 8 pack!

That’s right 8 pack, not just a 6 pack a full on 8 pack. This is because we’ll show you how to split up your abdominals and how to train each section to deliver maximum results fast!


Firstly get rid of the belly fat here’s how...

Always remember that no matter how hard you work your abs it’s a waste of time unless you lose your belly fat as you just won’t see them what so ever.

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How often should I train my Abs?


Abs should be split into 3 sessions for example:-


Monday – Upper Abs

Wednesday – Middle Abs

Friday – Lower Abs


You should always train your Abs like any other muscle group and each session should take approx 45minutes

You should always include 4-8 different exercises for each Ab area



Because your abs are a really stubborn muscle to develop you should always do a minimum of 25 reps per set anything less is just a waste of time.


Lower Abdominal Exercises

Tip- as a rule of thumb these are exercises where the legs need to be straight or start in a straight leg position. Also making sure that you’re back never leaves the floor.

Rep range 5 x 25 reps per exercise


Leg paddles

Leg paddles to full open leg and back

Straight leg lifts

½ circle shaped lifts

Full circle lifts

6” off the floor wide leg open and shuts

Off the bench drop leg crunches

Off the bench legs open drop leg crunches

Alternate leg scissors crunches  

Scissor leg crunches


Middle Abdominal Exercises

As a rule of thumb always have your legs at a 45 degree angle if you can to isolate your middle abdominal region. Keep each rep in the 2nd third of movement range.


Legs off the floor at a 45degree angle crunches

Legs off the floor at a 45 degree angle weight in hands crunches

Knee tucks crunches (in 2nd third of range movement)

Crunches with arms against side of head on a Swiss ball (2nd third of range of movement)

Legs on a bench, weighted bar behind head crunches (2nd third of movement)

Rope behind neck weighted cable machine crunches (concentrate only 2nd third of range movement)

Weighted hands, arms straight out and touch knees at top of crunch position 

Rope behind neck on cable machine semi circles from left to right

Dead man rising crunches

Knees bent hands on thigh up to the top and stop and crunch at biting position on the way down


Upper Abdominal Exercises

As a rule of thumb these are exercises that concentrate of the 1st third of range of movement trapping the top abdominals.

Cable machine rope behind neck crunches stopping at 45 degree angle to flex on way up and down

Lay on your back, legs straight up and touch your toes crunches

Cable machine, facing away from the machine, rope behind your neck crunches. Concentrating on 1st half of range of movement. 

Hanging leg crunches, flexing at the very top of the rep

Incline crunches on an incline bench. Crunch to middle and then crunch right over your head.

Floor rows with barbell only using 1st third of range of movement.

Arms over and behind head on cable machine with rope and crunch to first third of range of movement.

Lay on your back, anchor your grip to something above your head. Legs straight up and crunch vertically upward never allowing your back to touch the floor.


Oblique Exercises

As a rule of thumb any exercise which involves a twist etc Or simply add a twist at the top of a desired exercise.


Stand holding a plate say 20KG in one hand and crunch to the side.

Crunch with a twist at the top alternating one to each side.





Belly fat loss – use the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests underneath your usual training gear to intensify and speed up the belly fat burning process.


Do 25 reps and 4-5 sets of each exercise.


Split them into 3 workouts Lower, Middle and Upper abs for example Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat as little fatty foods as possible.


Try and do 2 oblique exercises in each workout.


Most importantly lose that belly fat and see the results of all your hard work.


Without the use of the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest exercise alone will only make you fitter but will not help you lose weight!


Attack 100% of the fat when working out by wearing a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest each time you exercise.


Sweatz Weight Loss Gym Vests are medically proven to help you lose weight twice as fast when working out! Get yours today!


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