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Weight Loss Tips

Here you can read about real genuine weight loss tips the pro’s use and big companies don’t want you knowing. Also learn about the do’s and don’ts for weight loss and the serious mistakes that hinder losing weight.

Weight loss is not a black art it’s absolutely the simplest thing in the world to achieve when you know how to do it correctly.

Here are some great weight loss tips that can make weight loss far easier...

Tips in recommended order from a scientific point of view, relevance, top voted and have had the best results according to you the general public:-

  1. Wearing a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest each time you exercise. Scientifically proven to increase fat burn twice as fast, probably the only real genuine weight loss product you can buy... Also exercising without one only makes you fitter and doesn’t help you to lose weight. The use of the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest not only attacks 100% of the fat that can be lost through exercise but also helps get read of your belly, cellulite and sweat out all the toxins which can be a barrier to weight loss.
  2. Eat 5-6 times per day, so your metabolic rate speeds up.
  3. Split each meal into 3. Protein, complex carbs (potatoes, rice, brown bread cake etc) and vegetables.
  4. Drink small amounts of water throughout the day.
  5. Cut out all fizzy drinks, fruit juice and sugar and milk in your tea and coffee.
  6. Cut out all simple carbs like chocolate, white bread, sweets etc
  7. Cut out all dairy products.
  8. Try and exercise first thing in a morning as you’ll be motivating yourself earlier and burning extra calories by being awake earlier.
  9. Split your exercise regime to include 50% cardio work i.e. running, jogging, aerobic classes, spinning classes and cycling etc but remember to always wear a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest for each workout otherwise you’ll just be getting fitter and not getting thinner. And 50% of weight training and circuit training otherwise your body will just get familiar with the CV and stop getting the benefits from it.
  10. Try doing extra little workouts when you get home on a night. Things like press ups and sits whilst watching TV, running up and down the stairs a few extra times. All these things help get your heart rate going and burn more calories.
  11. Try drinking alcohol only at the weekend.
  12. Try eating takeaways only at the weekend.
  13. Instead of driving to the shops try and make more trips wear you walk to the shops.
  14. Take the kids on more walks in the park etc
  15. Try involving the whole family on bike rides or swimming or playing a game of football on the field etc     
  16. Try and replace your dinner with a protein shake made with water.
  17. Eat your bread and potatoes free of butter.
  18. Wear a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest whilst walking or playing with the kids.
  19. Wear a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest whilst cleaning the house, walking the dog, cleaning your windows or your car or playing in your 5 a side football team.
  20. Whilst walking wearing your Sweatz Weight Loss Vest, try walking as quick as you can for as long as you can.
  21. Cut out fruit as they contain sugars.
  22. Stop eating as many fast foods like McDonald, KFC, Pizza Huts, Burger Kings and fish and chips and replace with a nice sandwich and a bottle of water.
  23. Replace crisps with flavoured rice cakes.
  24. When working out wearing your Sweatz Weight Loss Vest make each session 45mins to 1 hour in duration at a constant pace with no stops.
  25. Go to 1 sugar in your tea and coffee down from 2 etc
  26. When drinking alcohol avoid Lager and Beers etc and drink Wine instead as there is far less calories in them.
  27. The day after a night out where you have drunk large volumes of alcohol go for a jog, walk, run, workout session etc wearing your Sweatz Weight Loss Vest as it sweats out the alcohol before it turns to fat and also sweats out all the toxins which also turn to fat and hinder weight loss.
  28. When drunk try and remember not to eat as much and try having a bowl of cereal when you get home instead of a kebab or take away food.   
  29. The do not’s are fat burning supplements, fat burners, appetite suppressants, natural herbs like acai berry etc weight loss tea, slim bomb, zotrim, alli, thermabol, hot chillies you name it. They are a complete con and a waste of time, money and your sanity!!!


Remember these are just guide lines for you to follow and change to suit your own lifestyle. But the one constant out of all of these tips that really helps us all equally in the battle to lose weight is without a shadow of a doubt the use of the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest.

Exercise without them just doesn’t make you lose weight only gets you fitter. The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest turns any exercise or activity into a means of losing weight and burning off fat fast. Without it exercise for weight loss is just a waste of time.

Sweatz Weight Loss Vests, don’t exercise without one...



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