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Here you can read about the Sweatz Weight Loss Calculator and how long it will take you to lose real genuine fat that stays off!!! It’s very inaccurate so here is the real way to work out and achieve your weight loss...

Want to lose weight but not sure how long it will take? The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest Target Date calculator gives you an idea of how long it will take to lose that weight. Just enter your info, and the calculator estimates how long it will take you to lose weight.

Change the variables and see the difference it makes to how fast or slowly you can lose weight...

The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest calculator allows you to estimate your weekly and monthly weight loss. Just enter your daily energy expenditure and the caloric content of your meals and drinks and it will give you an exact time scale to predict your weight loss...


The Weight Loss Calculator everybody else gives you


Everyone else will give you this formula:-

Men – 2500kcals daily allowance

Women – 2000kcals daily allowance


Firstly this is very inaccurate as everyone has a different metabolic rate and some people can eat more and not put any weight on and some people can eat hardly anything and put massive amounts of weight on. So this is just a very rough guideline.

But here is the formula anyway and how to work out based on this guideline how much weight you will put on or lose.

There are 3500kcals in 1lb of body fat so for example if a man eats and drinks 2500kcals per day then he will not put any weight on. If he eats and drinks 3500kcals per day then he has put on 1000kcals of fat and you put on 1lb for every 3500kcals extra you put in your body. So in 3 ½ days he will have put on 1lb in fat.

That’s basically it you’ve got to add up all the calories in each food you eat and then subtract your daily allowance. Then what ever the amount is, either below or above your recommended daily allowance once it gets to either an extra 3500kcals or a negative 3500kcals you’ve either lost or put on 1lb. 

But that means you’ve got to calorie count everyday and eat the same thing everyday which is just impossible so what is the point for the weight loss calculator in the first place. It’s basically telling you what you already know, either you’re putting weight on or your losing it, you could step on the scales for that info without all the faffing around. 

Forget the weight loss calculator and let’s just concentrate and talk about how much weight you can lose by doing this method. The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest Calculator method. No fuss, no working out your calories every day, no calorie counting, just simply weight loss. Which any scales will tell you...


Here’s the real Sweatz Weight Loss Vest Calculator which is unbelievably useful


This is just how much weight you can use by using the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest and it’s so simple...

The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest is medically proven to increase fat burn twice as fast.

You basically put on a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest underneath your usual training gear and do any exercise or activity from advanced level sports to gym workout and exercise classes to just playing in the park with your kids and walking the dog or even cleaning the house. It makes you lose twice as much fat by doing anything forms of activity or exercise.

Exercise without wearing one only makes you fitter but you won’t lose weight through exercise without wearing one, that’s COLD HARD FACT!!!

They are amazing and the Worlds only Genuine proven Weight Loss Product.


Here’s how the Sweatz Weight Loss Calculator works:-


Remember there are 3500kcals per 1lb of body fat and the Sweatz Vest burns off twice the amount of calories/ fat. So this is how simple it is:-

On average you burn off 500kcals per exercise session and as long as its nonstop and constant for 1hr you can almost burn off the same amount just power walking as you can at an exercise class. So if you wore a Sweatz Weight Loss Vest once a day whilst doing anyform of exercise you would be burning off 1000kcals instead of just 500kcals.

That’s 1000kcals x 365 days of the year = 365000

So by wearing the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest once a day this is the amount of calories you can burn off.

Now let’s work out how many pounds of fat you’ve lost. So we simply divide it by 3500kcals

WOW that’s 104lb which is 7 stone!

That’s why you have to be extremely careful when using the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests as you can lose too much weight.



So if you want to lose weight the real and genuine non gimmick and no fuss way. Then using the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest is the only way to go but please be very careful as you may find you lose too much weight too quickly so I’d recommend wearing them 4 times per week to start with and then go from there.


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