Did you know that you have between 2 and 4 million sweat glands in your body? It might be quite hard to imagine, but it’s true! So every time your body sweats, a message is sent to your brain through the nervous system to the sweat glands. Pretty amazing stuff!

As we all know, sweat is excess water that is escaping your body, helping you to cool down, whilst shedding the pounds. Although when you sweat you’re losing excess water weight, the Sweatz vest top is designed to burn calories as well and with the combination of your natural body sweat and calorie burn off, you’ll be wearing those favourite pair of jeans in no time.

Some people may argue that any weight you lose through sweating will get put back on again once you start drinking water, but not with a Sweatz vest; oh no. Your body will continue to burn off calories even after your workout! So you can forget about all the bin bag rumours that are flying around and the thought of hitting a brick wall with your weight loss regime. Remember, Sweatz knows best!

Sweatz Weight Loss vests have been scientifically proven to burn twice as many calories and effectively drive you in the right direction in achieving your goals. Grab yourself a pack of weight loss vests today and let us be part of your journey.


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