Slam down obesity

We’ve seen obesity levels rise in the UK and unfortunately, it appears to be an issue that can’t be resolved quickly. With food prices on the increase especially for fresh fruit and veg, ready meals and quick oven cook foods seem to be the convenient option. Being able to cook is an advantage for rustling up healthy meals, but again, this seems to be another reason for the choice of unhealthy meals.

Cooking healthy meals for the family doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact we’ve cooked plenty on a budget and extra so it lasts all week, or can be frozen down; which is a bonus for weight loss. Statistics for the percentage of those who are classed as being obese is rising and as it stands, over half of the population is overweight.

The NHS statistics showed that in 2011, 24% of men and 26% of women were obese, and a whopping 62.8% of all adults are classed as being overweight or obese. We understand that weight loss is long-term and needs dedication and motivation to achieve your desired weight goal. Those who are overweight may feel self-conscience or lack slightly in confidence for joining a gym, but there are other ways of exercising and with a Sweatz weight loss vest, it can help to give you that extra push!

If you looking to lose weight and you don’t feel like you’re seeing the results that you want, then how about trying our weight loss vests? Although they will make you sweat (a lot), they double the amount of calories you burn from just one workout session. This means you’ll be seeing results more quickly!

Go grab yourself a pack of Sweatz weight loss vests today and watch the pounds drop off!

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