The Ridicule Diets

Sweatz are all about weight loss, but in a sensible and healthy manner, and not any of these fad diets that are flying about. Some people really will go to the extreme to lose a few pounds and even go to the extent of not eating their three meals a day, but working out more than they should on an empty stomach with little energy. Although they may see the weight drop off quickly (with no calorie intake inside you, it’s inevitable), but this is only a short term fix and can lead to harmful, long-term effects on your health.

A recent survey from, an online pharmacy found some interesting, yet shocking statistics of what women will do in order to lose weight. 1, 1911 women aged 18 and over admitted to the following.

  • 47% have used laxatives 
  • 45% have fasted
  • 39% took the cabbage soup diet, which is a meal swap…(vom)
  • 35% took the liquid diet
  • 29% used body wraps
  • 26% cereal diet…we won’t name names on this, but you know which ‘Special’ diet this is
  • 26% went on a baby food diet
  • 24% ate raw food (we don’t mean meat here, just fruit and veg)
  • 18% small crockery (smaller plates in other words to trick themselves)
  • 14% ate foods that knew would make them poorly after

So as you can see, some really will go to the extreme to lose weight and as you can see from the list above, they are ridiculous! With it being a short term solution, it means your body will enter starvation mood and use your lean tissue and muscle as a calorie intake swap in order to keep your body functioning. Unfortunately, you’ll lose muscle weight and your weight loss will also slow down as a result. Not good for all you dieters out there I’m afraid!

If you are looking to lose weight, then do it the healthy way with a good, clean diet, exercise and of course a Sweatz weight loss vest. Just remember that long term weight loss is better than short term.

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