The Ultimate Workout DVD!

The Ultimate Workout DVD!

There’s a virus going around about the workout of all insanity workouts… Sweatz would like to introduce to you, The Body Virus Home Workout DVD.

With fitness workout DVDs coming at us left, right and centre after Christmas, Sweatz thought now would be the perfect time to launch the most insane workout DVD yet, putting the rest to shame. Unlike other home workout DVDs that are primarily designed for weight loss, ours is for toning up, shaping up and building those muscles, muscles that you never even knew existed! So if you are feeling daring and looking for some form of insanity workout, then try out ours today!

It takes a lot more than aerobic classes down at your gym to tone up those muscles of yours; our DVD focuses on weight resisted gym routine that male models, body builders, or Men’s Health and Women’s Health cover magazine model would do. There’s no messing around with us and do you know what the best bit about it is? There are no weights involved! Don’t worry ladies, you won’t come out looking like Jodie Marsh, you will actually lose as much calories, if not more than you would using a normal ‘Pump it Up’ home workout DVD, but you’ll be toning up as well. This means you’ll look fitter than ever before with a perfectly sculptured body!

“Any body shape can be Toned, Firmed and Sculptured by Body Virus. Because you don't need to Lose Weight to look good, you just need to Tone Up what you've already got!”

If you’re prepared to challenge your body, but by completing exercises that are actually quite easy, then buy our DVD today and let your insanity workout begin!



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