Thor: The Ultimate Workout

Thor: The Ultimate Workout

With the sequel of Thor out in the cinema and Chris Hemsworth looking even more buff than normal, it’s no wonder that men are wanting to get a body like his and achieve that Greek God physique.

Thor is the God of Thunder and has superhuman strength, speed, durability and immortality. His physique is impeccable and God like, just like Spartacus. We just can’t put our finger on why women drool over fictional characters such as Thor and Spartacus when they come alive? ;)

In the comic strip, Thor weighs around 500Ibs, which is pretty big. A strong muscular build was vital for this role and we really can’t imagine someone with a small physique playing characters such as Thor. Wouldn’t have the same affect! In order for Hemsworth to fit the role as Thor for the second time, he had to undertake a new fitness regime that included a body builder workout and full body circuits, as well as sticking to a high protein diet.

So, if you fancy yourself as the next Thor and want to look like him by Christmas, but don’t fancy having a personal trainer to guide you through it, then our home workout DVD will be what you need and you’ll get your own virtual personal trainer to take you through it. The Body Virus workout DVD is designed to drop any unwanted fat, so it’s great for weight loss, whilst sculpturing your body, building muscles and toning up. You’ll have a body like a God in no time! 

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