The Danger of Weight Loss Pills

There are so many people choosing to purchase weight loss pills online or from their local supermarket, without taking into consideration the affects that these pills will have on them. Like with any form of medication, there are always side effects attached to it and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is publically warning about certain weight loss pills.

The MHRA has put a health warning stamp on the leading weight loss pill OxyElite Pro, as it carries severe health problems and unfortunately, was linked to the death of the 2012 London Marathon Runner Claire Squires, who collapsed just 1 mile before reaching the finish line after suffering a cardiac failure. The pill contained a substance called DMAA and although the manufacturer USP Labs has recently removed this substance, the pill still carries a stigma of life threatening health problems including, liver failure. If this wasn’t bad enough, this weight loss pill also contains Aegline, which was linked to 52 cases of acute Hepatitis in America.

The MHRA are pushing to remove health products that contain DMMA and OxyElite off the market, as they are hold severe health problems for customers including both heart failure and liver disease. 

So, if you’re considering using weight loss pills to help you drop a few pounds, then stop right there. They carry too many health risks and aren’t always effective. Our weight loss vests are work just as well, if not better. Weight loss results are almost instant and our vests are cheaper too.

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