Get A Sweat On!

Get A Sweat On!

For every workout session, there are results. Whether it’s for weight loss, muscle gain, definition, rewards will be waiting. Having goals is important and having a set schedule is a must have.

It’s important to change your workout regime from time to time. Change is good for your body and it will help you to reach your goals more efficiently, plus you won’t get bored.

The BBC’s Dr Michael Mosley claims that ‘fast exercise’ is even more powerful than experts thought and he isn’t wrong. We all see people who hop on the treadmill and can be running at the same pace for at least 45 minutes and wonder if they want to try something new, these kind of workouts are very basic and an adjustment is certainly needed. The article from the Daily Mail says that Dr Mosely struggled to become slim, he was eating less and generally being more active, which is the norm these days. He found it largely ineffective, which made him and many others scratch their heads in confusion.

This was a cause for concern for him, as it would be for anyone wanting to lose weight comfortably. This is the thing; exercising is about coming out of that comfort zone and resisting your body’s urges to stay in it. He discovered High Intensity Training, abbreviated as ‘HIT’ and these are short bursts of exercise that push your body to the absolute limit and in addition, making you sweat a lot, and we mean a lot. Anyone who has done a HIT routine would definitely see results within a few weeks, it will leave you dripping in sweat (not the best image) and in weeks to come, the fat would drop!

Weight loss is all about pushing your body to the max and sweating a lot as well. If this falls under your workout, then a Sweatzvest is right up your street! Our vests will make you sweat behind the limits, the results are absolutely endless. You can order your size online, or get in touch with us on 0844 504 0550 and we’ll be very happy to help.

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