Lose 2 Stone Fast

Michelle Heaton former Liberty-X singer and Celebrity Get Me out Of here reality tv star has always sruggled with her weight and like most women has had to deal with her weight always yo yoing and making her feel miserable.

That was until she found out about and started using the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests. Within months of using the Sweatz Weight Loss Vests when exercising and eating a healthy diet Michelle had managed to lose 2 stone, go down 2 dress sizes and more importantly keep the weight off! They have turned her life around.

Now magazine was so impressed that they ran a doubled paged spread on Michelle and how she had lost the weight using the Sweatz Weight loss Vests.

Michelle admits that at first the thought of raising body temp and sweating wasn't so appealing, but the weight loss results so out weigh the negitive thoughts she may have had prior to using them.

"I'll now never not use them as they are an amazing weight loss product!, I've managed to lose 2 stone, go down 2 dress sizes and keep the weight off which is the most important thing."

You can read this story in full on our website www.sweatz.com


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